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The plot is based around a reclusive, mysterious author, JT LeBeau, whose books make millions but whose life seems to be involved with a number of murders.

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To say more would be a significant spoiler. I am prepared to suspend disbelief, sometimes from a considerable height for a really good book, but I found a lot of Twisted rather silly and a bit dull. Even mine does that. And so on. This might be OK for a brain-off beach read or the like, but nothing more. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is the first book I have read by this author and it will definitely not be the Last.

Infact I am already searching for and downloading more of this authors work right now. This author has the knack of leading you in one direction and then throws a curve ball and now you have no idea what the he'll is going on. This does not happen just once oh no this happens so many times you just don't know anymore. This book had me holding my breath, shouting at it, sat on the edge of my seat and tapping my kindle faster and faster.

In all the years I have been reading I have never read a book quite like this one. This is crime thriller writing par excellence. I cannot wait to delve into more of this authors work.

So highly recommended and an easy five stars infact I award this book ten stars if I could. Jan 14, Meggy rated it it was amazing. Never has a title been so spot-on. Where do I start? He did more that this!

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Mar 31, Carolyn rated it liked it. I recently read Thirteen which I thought was an exciting and suspenseful thriller. I regret that I don't consider Twisted as compelling, I felt I was reading an exercise of inserting twists into the plot, which made them seem forced and contrived.

Since I was waiting for the twists, I was neither surprised nor shocked when they occurred, no matter how unlikely or unbelievable they seemed. As the main characters were all devious and secretive in their own ways, I was unable to feel an emotional c I recently read Thirteen which I thought was an exciting and suspenseful thriller. As the main characters were all devious and secretive in their own ways, I was unable to feel an emotional connection or care much about what happened to them. The book involved police work often based on theories due to lack of hard evidence.

There is a multi-million dollar author involved named Le Beau. His fame and wealth are based on great twists in his widely popular crime stories. Perhaps he is a killer, basing his stories partly on murders he has committed. The problem is that no one, even his publishers have ever seen his face and no photo exists. His identity is unknown and subject to much speculation. There is a faithless wife who feels neglected at home.

They come up with a duplicitous scheme which would result in them being together and living in luxury. I thought it was a well thought out storyline, but unfortunately was unable to connect with it on some level and wasn't feeling the suspense. Steve Cavanagh first came to my attention as an author when I read and loved Thirteen by him way back in July last year.

Twisted is his latest release and unlike Thirteen which is book number four in his Eddie Flynn series it can be read as a standalone Twisted is a standalone and a book that I was eager to get my hands on. Ah, Twisted never has the name of a book been more appropriate as Twisted is well and truly twisted. The short blurb to Twisted is enticing and the book starts with a dedication by the author, J. Lebeau pseudonym and the books that they write. Books with killer twists, twists that the reader never sees coming.

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Le Beau is a ghost, someone behind a mask, behind a veil, an elusive enigma. The less that you know beforehand about the story in Twisted, the better, go in blind and enjoy the warped ride that Cavanagh takes you on. Then, business really starts to pick up, the pacing quickens and the action intensifies with the twists coming at you thick and fast like an out of control runaway freight train with a crazed driver behind the wheel hurtling along the tracks.

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There is enough to bring the characters to life, to colour between the lines, for you to get a feel for and for you to form a picture of them but whether or not you trust most of them is another matter entirely. The main focus in Twisted is on the story and the twists themselves which are used by Cavanagh to create an addictive and highly entertaining real twister of a story. You may have a handle, a grip on what you think is going on, where you think the story is going and then, that grip slips and the rug is pulled out from under you.

Throughout the course of the book, you will rethink what you read and what you thought you knew about the characters and the story on numerous occasions. You get the sense that Cavanagh had great fun writing Twisted, this bleeds over into the book and the reader will have great fun with the book too. Twisted is a story that will fuck with your mind, a story that turns you around, spins you this way, that way and sends you corkscrewing, spiralling before hurling you out breathless at the final page.

This is a book I am not quite sure what I can say about this to you without actually talking about the story in this book! I am sure every review on this tour has pretty much said the same, I know what I have read has said this! So with all the hype, did I really think it was going to live up to the expectations?

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In these four months, you think you get to a stage where you ha This is a book I am not quite sure what I can say about this to you without actually talking about the story in this book! So ok, you reset yourself and what you know, with what you think you know. And on it goes. Was I right?

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Kind of. Were there more twists to be thrown at me? Bloody hell, it is like a never-ending corkscrew!

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The ending dealt a final blow that took my breath away. It was easy to get to enjoy the scenery of Port Lonely, not that I ever want to go there! I loved the pacing of this book, I never felt that this was dragging in any place because when the action did calm down a little bit, you were on edge trying to anticipate what would happen next.

Like a chess match, you are always trying to anticipate your opponents next month and at the same time plan your next five. Well, Mr J. LeBeau, you got me, checkmate! Jan 11, Wendy rated it really liked it. Twisted repeatedly takes you to the brink, leaves you there, then comes back for more. This considerable scheming is sustained, all of which is consistently sharp, bold, and controlled throughout.