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Description Additional Tags Product Questions. Details Thousands of bridge players have found it an indispensable and handy guide to bidding something that can be tucked into a purse or pocket and easily used as a reference at the table during lessons and practice games. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. Related Products. Important stuff.

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Contact Information. Get all the latest news on offers, new products and more. Sign up for our newsletter today. You can make them up from strips in the back of the book. The hands illustrate the bidding and they contain card play pointers. On top of this, chapters two to thirteen each have twelve bidding practice hands. You turn to one page while your partner turns to another. Then you can compare your auctions with my recommendations. While you have to learn quite a few things before you can be considered to be an expert bidder, the process of finding out is both fulfilling and fun.

The book covers when to bid in competition. It is based on the Law of Total Tricks. He said This means it is not enough to have a good bidding system. We also have to know how to bid in competitive auctions.

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The common practice after an opposing overcall was to bid to a contract we thought we could make. We might also overbid by a trick or two as a sacrifice. This is a common problem. South holds:. South bids 3S, hoping that either it will make or that East-West would have made their 3H. Thinking about it, this reasoning has a clear fault: How do we know that East-West will indeed make 3H?

In this form the problem seems insoluble because we are never sure whether the opponents will make their contract or not. While I was reflecting on this problem in the 50s, I discovered a fundamental law of bidding which indirectly resolves the problem.

The Little Black Bridge Book: A Pocket Guide to Acol Bidding - David Griffiths - Google книги

There is a way to work out the total number of tricks that would be won by North-South if they played in spades and by East-West if they played in hearts. This number is generally equal to the total number of trumps helf by North-South in spades and East-West in hearts.

This is what I named the Law of Total Tricks. In our example, if we assume that each side has an eight card fir then there are just 16 total tricks available.

Series: Pocket Guide

We should clearly pass 3H, expecting that either 3H or 3S will fail. This Law teaches us to look at auctions in a totally different way. There are many applications of the Law. Paul Marston's presentation is both intelligent and clear. I'm convinced that this book will be of considerable benefit to players who take the time to study it. The Cheat Sheet is designed for beginners, to help them with bidding while at the bridge table. It is available in two versions: Standard 5-card majors and strong notrump , and Acol 4-card majors and weak notrump.

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This way, you always know what the bids show and you can work out what to do. In other words, with the help of the Cheat Sheet you can play a good game of bridge before you have committed all the bidding to memory. It does not explain why bids mean what they do. Your teacher will recommend a textbook to do that. Your Cheat Sheet is designed to make life easier while you are playing. Unlike suit bids, all notrump calls limit the hand within two or three points which simplifies the responder's task of deciding whether to go to game, possibly slam.

You cannot get ahead until you understand this structure. Playing in notrumps is also satisfying.

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It is usually a race between the declarer and the defenders to set up tricks. Making the contract means winning the race. Good play and defence in notrumps calls for an understanding of the different ways that you can take tricks and an awareness of timing, but many players don't have these skills. How often have you heard the desperate gasp: "I hate playing notrumps"?

For these players, notrumps is a time of tension instead of the rewarding adventure that it should be. This books aims to put all that right.

You will learn about the structure of notrump bidding and the essential priciples of notrump play. After reading this book, you will know when to bid notrumps. What's more, you will relish the oppotunity to do so. Chapter one deals with notrump opening bids; chapter two covers responding to notrump bids on balanced hands; chapter three, responding on unbalanced hands; chapter four explains when a notrump bid is a description of the hand and when it's a choice of contract, an important difference that causes much confusion; and chapter five deals with the Stayman convention.

Each chapter has two card play tips: one for the declarer and another for the defenders.

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These are then illustrated in the four play hands at the end of each chapter. March: Sam Lewis, Wear the Fund.

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