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      Reclamation (Book 3 the Ravening Series)

      R 11, The Rift War. R 80, Flux Flame. Contagious and Deathly Contagious. Emma Knight. Throughout the novel, characters are often faced with decisions that match one redeemable trait against another. The Guardian outlines characters who are frequently "forced to choose between their love for those close to them and the greater interests of honour, duty and the realm. At the Wall, Jon wrestles with the predicament of joining his half-brother Robb in rebellion or staying with his sworn brothers in the Night's Watch.

      Daenerys has issue with the Dothraki treatment of those they conquered in Essos. These conflicts characters encounter oftentimes reflect inconsistent decision making.

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      Catelyn initially is overwhelmed by grief and does not leave Bran's bedside while he is comatose, ignoring her political responsibilities, choosing family over duty. But soon after, Catelyn leaves Bran and her family for Kings Landing to inform Ned of potential Lannister treason, effectively displaying a more duty fulfilling role. Family, duty, and honor play major roles in conflicts that arise in the story arc, and qualities traditionally categorized as noble oppose each other in resolution.

      Character decision conflicts and consequence analysis are particular to how Martin wants to portray fantasy. Martin characteristically deviates from the traditional fantasy model and clear-cut lines of good versus evil. Martin reflects: "I think the battle between good and evil is fought largely within the individual human heart, by the decisions that we make. It's not like evil dresses up in black clothing and you know, they're really ugly". The Starks' and Lannisters' conflict is a central component of the novel, and the reader receives points of view from both sides.


      Likewise, Daenerys' storyline develops around the Targaryen's upheaval in Westeros, in which the Starks played a significant role. Martin argues:. Having multiple viewpoints is crucial to the grayness of the characters. You have to be able to see the struggle from both sides, because real human beings in a war have all these processes of self-justification, telling ourselves why what we're doing is the right thing. Each chapter concentrates on the third person limited point of view of a single character; the book presents the perspective of eight main characters.

      Additionally, a minor character provides the prologue. Chapter headings indicate the perspective. According to author George R. Martin, the Bantam edition was the true first. Its official publication date was earlier than that of the US Bantam edition, but Bantam went to print several months earlier to hand out copies at the American Boksellers Association ABA. In different languages, the number of books may not be the same. A Game of Thrones and the subsequent novels in the A Song of Ice and Fire series have been adapted in a HBO television series, a comics series, several card, board and video games, and other media.

      A Game of Thrones has received critical acclaim. Lauren K. Nathan of the Associated Press wrote that the book "grip[s] the reader from Page One" and is set in a "magnificent" fantasy world that is "mystical, but still believable. Riskind commented that "many fans of sword-and-sorcery will enjoy the epic scope of this book" but felt that the book "suffers from one-dimensional characters and less than memorable imagery.

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      Dragon Knight

      This article is about the novel. For the TV series, see Game of Thrones. For derivative works of the same name, see A Game of Thrones disambiguation. Novel by George R. Dewey Decimal. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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      A Game of Thrones Book#1 Chapter 61-END : A Song of ICE and FIRE - Wonderful Reading Voice

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